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Kiev (Ukraine), September 10-13, 2002

by Ahmad Hoorfar

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Villanova University, Villanova, PA 19085 USA.

(from IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, V.45, N.3, July  2003, pp. )

The participants of the MMET*02 conference near the library of Kiev Polytechnic University
Fig.1. The participants of the MMET*02 conference near the library of Kiev Polytechnic University.
The ninth International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory (MMET*02) was held in the historical city of Kiev, in Ukraine, from September 10 to 13, 2002. The conference was an outstanding forum for the exchange of scientific ideas in electromagnetic field theory among scientists and engineers from western, Former Soviet Union (FSU), and other eastern European countries. The MMET series of conferences was started in 1988, and, since 1990, it has been the only regular forum in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) in electromagnetics that has English as the single working language. MMET*02 was organized in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences Scientific Council on Radio Physics & Microwave Electronics and the Department of Radio Engineering of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU-KPI). Among the international sponsors of this conference were various IEEE societies, as well as URSI. A total of about 180 participants from 26 countries attended the 2002 conference.
at the welcome party
Fig.2. (1-r) Prof. E. Veliev, MMET*02 Chair, Prof. Hoorfar (invited speaker), Villanova University, USA, and Prof. A. Krokhin (invited speaker), Pueblo, Mexico, at the welcome party.

The technical sessions were held in NTUU-KPI (Figure 1), which, with more than 32,000 students, is the largest as well as one of the oldest technical universities in Ukraine. The technical program committee of the 2002 MMET, chaired by Prof. Eldar I. Veliev (Figure 2) from the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, National Academy of Sciences (IRE-NAS), and co-chaired by Prof. Alexander I. Nosich (Figure 3) from IRE-NAS and Dr. Ross Stone from Stoneware Limited, did an excellent job of efficiently organizing each conference day. Each day began with a plenary session of invited speakers in the morning, and had three parallel sessions of contributed papers in the afternoon. The sessions included 27 invited and 130 contributed papers (Figures 4-7). Sessions included such general areas as "Time-Domain Methods," "Computational Optoelectronics," "Antenna Analysis and Synthesis," "Printed Antennas and Circuits," "Remote Sensing, Propagation, and Signal Processing," "Function-Theoretic Methods," "Eigenvalue Problems," "Analytical Regularization, Gratings, and Frequency-Selective Surfaces," "Composite Media and Meta-Materials," (Figure 8) and "Scattering and Radar Cross Section."

The registration in progress
Fig.3. Prof. A. Nosich, MMET*02 Co-Chair and
Dr. Magath from Hamburg, Germany.
Awards and Certificates

A young scientist paper competition was held during the conference. I was very much impressed by the quality of the presentations of all young presenters, especially those from the FSU countries. The results of the competition were announced in the closing ceremony of the conference.

The First Prize was awarded: to Gerogy Ghvedshvilli, from Tblisi, Georgia, for his paper entitled "Drop Shaped Monopole Antenna and its Interaction with the User's Head," co-authored with R. Zaridze, K. Tavzarashvili, G. Saparishvili, and A. Bijamov.

Two Second Prizes were awarded to Svetlana Ivleeva, from Penza, Russia for her paper, "Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Open Circular Waveguides with Nonlinear Media," co-authored with Y. Smirnov; and to Mirza Karamehmedovic from Lyngby, Denmark, for his presentation, "Application of the Method of Auxiliary Sources for the Analysis of Plane Wave Scattering by Impedance Spheres," co-authored with O. Breinbjerg.

Three Third Prizes were awarded: to Anna Vyazmitinova from Kharkov, Ukraine, for her presentation "Accurate 'Absorbing' Conditions for Non-Sinusoidal Problems of Diffraction for Compact Objects;" to Alexander Muzychenko from Kharkov, Ukraine, for his presentation, "Estimation of Geometrical Parameters of Perfectly Conducting Cylindrical Object Buried in Dielectric Half-Space by its Scattering Characteristic," co-authored by A. Z. Sazonov and O. I. Sukharevsky; and to Makarov from Novosibirsk, Russia, for his presentation, "Numerical Investigation of Eigenoscillations Near a Honeycomb in a Circular Channel."

Prof. V. Daniele
Fig.4. Prof. V. Daniele, from Milan, Italy, presenting an invited paper, "Approximated Factorizations for Kernels Involved in the Scattering due by a Wedge at Skew Incidence."

Two achievement awards were also presented at the 2002 MMET conference. Prof. Alexander Lerer, of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, received the Vladimir Sologub Award for "The development of analytical regularization techniques," and Prof. Elman Hasanov, of Istanbul, Turkey, received the Nikolay Khizhnyak Award for "The contribution to the electromagnetic theory."

Special certificates of appreciation were presented to Profs. Anatoly Sorkin and Yoichi Okuno for "The most distant travel to MMET*02" from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and Kumamoto, Japan, respectively. Finally, Dr. Alexander Sulima, of Kharkov, Ukraine, received a certificate of appreciation for "The earliest registration at MMET*02!"

Prof. T. Jablonski
Prof. A. Kirilenko
Fig.5. Prof. T. Jablonski, from Novy Sacz, Poland, presenting his paper, "Spectral Properties of the Operator Describing EM Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Dielectric Guiding Structures with Arbitrary Transversal Inhomogeneity."
Fig.6. Prof. A. Kirilenko, from IRE-NASU, Kharkov, presenting an invited paper, "Large Scale Discretization and Generalized Mode-Matching as a Basis for Fast Electromagnetic Solvers."
Social Events

The Organizing Committee planned a variety of sight seeing and cultural events for this conference. A Kiev city tour, on Monday, September 9, included visits to many of the most popular tourist sites in this capital city of three million people. Included in the tour were the thousand-year-old St. Sophia Cathedral, and the famous Pecherska Lavra Monastery. Also visited were the caves nearby the monastery, which date back to 1051, and were first used to house monks, and later as burial places. The conference banquet (Figure 9) was held on the evening of Thursday, September 12, in NTTU-KPI. The participants were treated to a feast of Ukrainian food and delicacies, ending with music and dance. The conference was officially ended with a two-hour very scenic boat tour on the Dniper River, on the afternoon of September 13.

In conclusion, this was among one of the best organized international conferences I have had the pleasure of attending in the last several years. Every attempt was made to provide travel and lodging assistance to the participants, particularly those coming from abroad. I would like to congratulate the members of the Organizing Committee, Profs. E. Veliev, A. Nosich, V. I. Naidenko, and their colleagues from IRE-NAS and NTUU-KPI, for such a stimulating and memorable conference, I have included several pictures that were provided to me by Prof. Veliev. These pictures were taken by Mr. Boris Bliznyuk. The selection of pictures together with their captions was done by Prof. Veliev.

A coffee break discussion
A paper discussion
Fig.7. A photo from the conference coffee break: (1-r) Elder Veliev, Alexi Vertiy, Nader Engheta, and Ahmad Hoorfar.
Fig.8. In the session, "Composite Media and Meta-Materials," Chaired by Prof. N. Engheta and Prof. S. Hraber from Zagreb, Croatia, Prof. Hraber presented his paper, "Simplified Analysis of Split Ring Resonator used in Backward Meta-Material."
At the conference banquet.
Fig.9. A photo from the conference banquet.
Ahmad Hoorfar