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 started at Feb.10,2004



Name & Affiliation

Title of the paper

1. Prof. O. Breinjberg, Technical University of Denmark, Orsted-DTU, Electromagnetic Systems, Denmark "An analytical method of auxiliary sources solution for line source illumination of impedance cylinders"
2. Prof. O. Dumbrajs, Helsinki University of Technology, Euratom-Tekes Association, Finland "Modeling of stochastic processes in gyrotrons"
3. Prof. Y.V. Gandel, Kharkov National University, Ukraine "Parametric representations of the integral and pseudo-differential operators of diffraction theory"
4. Prof. M. Hashimoto, Dept. of Telecommunications and Computer Networks Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan "Scattering of electromagnetic waves described in terms of the zeros of their far-zone patterns"
5. Prof. A.S. Ilinski, Dept. of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University, Russia "The Use of Projection Methods for Numerical Solution of Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction Problems"
6. Prof. A.O. Kasyanov, Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering, Russia "Near field aperture antennas measurements by means of a controllable microstrip reflectarray"
7. Dr. T. Magath, Technical University of Hamburg, Germany "Design of a 3x3 Quasi-Optical Power Splitter at 150GHz"
8. Dr. L. Pankratov, Institute of Low Temperature Physics and Technology NASU, Kharkov, Ukraine "Nonlinear acoustic oscillations in a strongly inhomogeneous medium"
9. Prof. V. Popov, Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics RAS, Saratov, Russia "Plasmon electrodynamics in semiconductor microstructures"
10. Prof. S. Prosvirnin, Institute of Radio Astronomy NASU, Kharkov, Ukraine "Reciprocity principle and electromagnetic wave scattering by plano-chiral double-periodic array"
11. Dr. I. Scherbatko, Arizona State University, USA "A new hybrid FDTD Field-Teleportation approach for modeling radiating/scattering structures"
12. Prof. O.I. Sukharevsky, Kharkov Millitary University, MD Ukraine "Simulation of aerial, ground and subsurface object scattering characteristics"
13. Prof. S.V. Sukhinin, Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia "Whispering and wave guiding properties of periodic structures"
14. Prof. K. Tanaka, Gifu University, Gifu, Japan "3D Simulations of Nanometric Integrated Optical Circuits using Surface Plasmon Polariton Gap Waveguides"
15. Prof. T. Wu, School of EECS/School of Optics, University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA "Mathematical modeling of liquid crystal devices"
16. Prof. R. Zaridze, Tbilisi State University, Georgia "Method of auxiliary sources in applied electrodynamics"
17. Dr. A.V. Zayats, School of Mathematics and Physics, The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK "Surface plasmon polaritons on nanostructured surfaces and thin films"