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 started at Feb.10,2004


Official language of the Conference is English

The ABSTRACT may be prepared in free form but it must be written in English, typed single space, be 1 page long, including figures and diagrams, and be submitted in DOC or PDF format as an e-mail attachment to
Abstract should contain the paper title, author(s) name, affiliation(s), complete mailing address (both postal and email), and a topic (from the list).
If you are under 35 and wish to apply for a travel grant, please enclose a cover letter stating that it is a student paper and that you are applying for travel assistance.

The final PAPER to be included in the conference proceedings must be prepared according to the rules and submitted in both DOC and PDF formats as an e-mail attachment to

Final Papers to be published in the Proceedings should be prepared in English and may not exceed 3 pages (A4 size = 297 mm by 210 mm) for general paper and 6 pages for invited one, including all figures, tables, references, etc. The manuscript should be organized in a single column, left and right justified with the following margins: top/bottom-35mm, left/right-25mm.
The title should be centered in 12 pt Bold Capitals. The author(s) name(s), complete affiliation(s), complete mailing address(es) (both postal and e-mail) should be two lines below the title in 10 pt. Underline the presenter. Use 10 pt Bold for the abstract (no more than 150 words) with your line spacing to be 12 points rather than single space. Each major section begins with a heading in 10 point Times Roman centered and numbered using Roman numerals (except for ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and REFERENCES) followed by a period, a single space, and the title using small capitals and an initial capital letter for each word. For the body of your paper, use 10 pt Times Roman and set your line spacing at "exactly 12 points". Indent each paragraph by 0.4 cm. Use 9 pt Times Roman with the paragraph spacing set at "exactly 10 points" for figure captions and references.
Do not number pages.
In order to be published in the Conference Proceedings the author(s) must download, sign and mail the Copyright Form.
While preparing the final paper it is recommended to use the TEMPLATE.

FIGURES, TABLES and FORMULAS format: Figures, graphs and diagrams should be of an easily readable size. Authors should avoid color figures, since the proceedings version will be printed in black and white. If unavoidable, colors must be defined with enough contrast to allow readers to see graphic details. The authors must number figures and tables, to avoid ambiguities in the text. For instance, use "Fig. X" instead of "the figure below".
Equations and formulas should be centered in the line and numbered sequentially in the text in parentheses flush with the right margin.

Please note:  The submitted regular paper must be received by July 12, 2004. Each author may submit any number of papers however no more than two papers will be accepted.

Attention: The authorship will be determined by the first author's name.